Pool Screen & Enclosures

Pool Screens & Enclosures

For Pensacola, Crestview & Panama City, FL

With our high-quality pool screens and enclosures, you will no longer have to worry about the constant cleaning of your pool and can spend more time relaxing. Our enclosures have the added benefits of blocking any insects or rodents from entering the pool area and won’t make you and your family susceptible to direct UV ray exposure.

Other positives for having a pool screen or enclosure installed include reducing the temperature of your pool (saving you on chemical costs), as well as not having to worry about any unwanted person using or damaging your pool.

Our pool screens and enclosures can be made with a variety of different materials depending on your tastes and we will be happy to add any doors for easy access to your yard.

Whenever you need a reliable contractor with extensive experience, call us at E & E Sunrooms. We will be happy to install, repair, and maintain your pool screens and enclosures and we look forward to working with you soon!

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Benefits of Pool Screens & Enclosures

  • Less Cleaning
  • No Direct Sunlight While Offering UV Protection
  • Keeps Out Insects & Pests
  • Helps Secure Kids & Keep Them in Sight
  • Savings on Pool Chemicals
  • Keeps Debris at Bay
  • And More...